If your allergies seem to be kicking in, you’re not alone. This is prime allergy season. And with all the warm weather we’ve had since February, they’re kicking in even earlier.

If you’re an allergy sufferer, go to Google and type in “check local pollen count”. You’ll see several sites where you can insert your zip code and get the count for your area. That will give you an idea of why you feel the way you feel.

If you want help with that, we have two products in the office that many of our patients use and they love them — they are called Allerplex and Antronex. These two products are a therapeutic whole food combo for helping people through allergy season without having to take any medicines – either prescription or over-the-counter. As with all our products these are food-based……not chemical-based. Long-term users say they no longer even get the symptoms of some allergies, and others are much milder than they used to be!

Call our office and check them out. You, too, could have a much, much easier allergy season – get started today!


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