Idiopathic hypertension is the name of elevated blood pressure with no explainable etiology/cause.  The elevation of systolic and diastolic blood pressure represents an increase in vascular tone for the purpose of of increasing blood pressure.

Often, elevated blood pressure is a body response to high levels of inflammation and allergy in the environment, or diet.  The body interprets all stress as a wild animal trying to attack it, and so stress that comes from eating certain foods has a reaction of stress that is similar to societal stress, or stress that comes from truly being in danger.  They both register the same on the endocrine system, making no distinction between psychological stress, biochemical stress and circumstantial stress.

As we reduce the stress of our lifestyle and our diet, we significantly reduce the adrenal responses to stress attempting to elevate its metabolism and prepare itself for fight or flight responses.  A subtle but consistent factor that should be explored in high blood pressure situations is the presence of chronic food allergies.  Most typically corn, soy, milk or wheat can influence the inflammatory levels, creating chronic inflammation resulting in elevation of corticosteroids.  Often, simply by eliminating the food allergies, the blood pressure will be falling within three days, and within two weeks it is within normal range.

It is always best to correct high blood pressure by determining the cause of the elevation, rather than to suppress the symptom only.  When natural interventions fail, reduction of food allergies should always be employed to correct the possible cause of the elevated blood pressure. Blood pressure medication is very difficult to reduce and discontinue once the body has become accustomed to it.  It is always desirable to avoid the need for medication until it is absolutely necessary.  Often blood pressure medication will interrupt other functions of the body such as energy level, ability to respond to stressful situations, and libido, especially in men.

High blood pressure is an intelligent body response to imbalance.  The difficulty is to determine what that imbalance is.  Blood pressure may be naturally balanced, bringing about the elimination of symptoms instead of symptom suppression.  There are many herbal remedies being employed for this purpose.  The only real correction is to assist the body back into balance and eliminate its need to elevate pressure.


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