Obesity is fast becoming the number one health problem in the world, contributing to an increased risk of other diseases. Following are some interesting facts and figures related to obesity:

Obesity adds about $2,800.00 to a person’s medical bills annually.

An estimated 300,000 premature deaths in the US each year are caused by obesity.

One-third of US adults are obese, indicating a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher.

80% of cases of Type 2 diabetes are related to obesity. The rate of diabetes has doubled in 8 states since 1995.

70% of heart disease is obesity related.

In the last 30 years childhood obesity has tripled, from 6.5% in children aged 6 to 11 years to 19.6% today. The obesity rate in teenagers aged 12 to 19 years has increased from 5% to 18.1%.

Of children who are overweight at age 10 – 15, 80% will be obese as adults.

The rate of obesity is increasing in the US. In 2007 only one state had an overall obesity rate of over 30%. In 2011, 12 states had a greater than 30% obesity rate.

40% of obese Americans aged 50 to 84 have osteoarthritis of the knee, caused by the wear and tear to the joints from excess weight stress. One extra pound of weight is equivalent to four pounds of stress on the knee.

Good health is a combination of many factors including your nutrition, preventative care, appropriate corrective care and the small choices you make every day in the course of living. If you have any questions about the above facts, or your general health, please ask. We are here to help you!


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