In this spring season of allergy symptoms, the Wilmington Clinic offers some great whole food supplement products from Standard Process to relieve those miserable allergy symptoms.  We are featuring ANTRONEX as our product of the month for May.

If you are suffering from sneezing, congestion and/or runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, or any of the other well-known allergy systems that start this time of year, this is a product you should definitely check out.  ANTRONEX, usually used in conjunction with it’s companion product, ALLERPLEX, offers relief to many allergy sufferers like yourself.

When you have these allergic symptoms, the usual culprit is called “histamine”.  Histamine is released in essentially every tissue of the body whenever that tissue becomes damaged, inflamed, or is the subject of an allergic reaction.  Histamine is known to be involved in a myriad of physiological conditions. Maintaining your body’s defense systems helps keep histamine at acceptable levels.

HOW ANTRONEX KEEPS YOU HEALTHY:  ANTRONEX helps maintain a healthy liver.  The liver is the site of a great many metabolic functions and therefore cleansing is vital.  The ingredients in ANTRONEX help maintain a  healthy liver by enhancing blood filtering capabilities.

ANTRONEX SUPPORTS IMMUNE AND RESPIRATORY SYSTEM RESPONSE.  When histamine production is stimulated, it creates reactions involving the respiratory and immune systems.  This may cause restriction in the lungs.  ANTRONEX helps control this.

ANTRONEX ASSISTS IMMUNE SYSTEM FUNCTION.  The calcium in ANTRONEX  plays a major role in increasing immune efficiency.

So do yourself a favor.  Call our office today and check out the major benefits of taking ANTRONEX as part of your allergy relief regimen……….you will be glad you did!


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