CATALYN is, in our opinion, THE best multi-vitamin on the market today! What makes Catalyn unique? Some of the unique attributes of Catalyn are that Catalyn combines vital nutrients from a wide variety of plant sources to introduce a unique diversity of complete vitamin and mineral complexes. In addition, Catalyn contains multiple nutrients from a variety of plant and animal sources. It contains extracts from bovine and ovine tissues which provide nutrients and support to the corresponding tissues in humans. Catalyn’s vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from plants and animal tissues work synergistically for maximum effect.

CERTIFIED ORGANIC FARMING – A healthy ecosystem is created by using organic farming techniques, such as rotating crops, fertilizing the soil with nutrient-rich cover crops and by-products from the processing, practicing strict weed control standards, and continually monitoring the health of the plants. This assures that the soil is laden with minerals and nutrients, as well as ensures plants are nutritionally complete and free from synthetic pesticides.

Nutrient-rich plants are immediately washed and promptly processed, which preserves nutritional integrity. In addition, Catalyn comes in both pill form and a chewable, cherry-flavored tablet. This whole food concentrate contains important vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and trace minerals in combination with their naturally-occurring synergistic cofactors from their natural form, so our bodies can assimilate these nutrient with ease. Completely opposite of the “mega-dose” theory, Catalyn contains a variety of scarce nutrients, instead of a high content of simply a few. Standard Process recognizes that trace minerals are the most important components of nutritional compounds.

Catalyn keeps you healthy by maintaining cellular health, keeps your skin healthy, and keeps your heart healthy.

So if you are looking for a pure, holistic alternative to the chemically-laced OTC vitamins out there, try Catalyn — the best, most natural multi-vitamin you can get. Come get yours at our office today!


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