Patient Orientation: Two videos to help patients understand the advantages and techniques behind Dr. Fiscella’s treatments.

Video 1: Mary Testimony – standard adjustment verses non-thrusting adjustments testimony:

Video 2: Nacy Testimony – Scoliosis and Chronic sinus issues (Endo-Nasal Technique) testimony:

Video 3: Michelle Testimony – multiple back surgery and scoliosis progress testimony:

Video 4: Judy Testimony – Give it a Try:

Video 5: Soft Tissue Manipulation – Other soft tissue manipulation offered at Wilmington Clinic:

Video 6: Geraldine Testimony – Traditional back and leg treatment vs. quick recovery:

Video 7: Treatment Choices – medical and chiropractic:

Video 8: Explain Muscles – demo and explanation of acupressure/myofascial and trigger points:

Video 9: Food Supplements vs. Vitamin Supplements……Sinus/Allergy Procedures:

Video 10: Nasal Specifics and Pharyngeal Sweep Procedure for Acute and chronic nasal, sinus, allergy conditions. – Dr. Fiscella and Pastor David Crank: