What is a Cytokine Storm?

Your immune system does everything it can to clean up environmental pollutants, bugs, pathogens, viruses, and infections of all sorts. It uses a delicate mix of anti-inflammatory and inflammatory cytokines to bring more nutrients and white blood cells to the rescue. A cytokine storm can happen when too many inflammatory cytokines come into an area like the lungs. Signs and symptoms include high fever, inflammation (redness and swelling), and severe fatigue and nausea. Sometimes, a #cytokinestorm may be severe or life-threatening and lead to multiple organ failures.

We have some amazing whole food supplements and herbs that help reduce the risk of this happening. Protect yourself by reducing inflammation, supporting your immune system, and becoming healthier day by day! Call us to get a phone appointment to assess what you are doing and provide a supplement program with dietary recommendations to strengthen your immune system.


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