DID YOU KNOW……….that the same great whole food supplements that you take from Standard Process are now available through our office for your pet? It’s true. Standard Process, the “gold standard” of whole food supplementation, manufactures the same quality product for your cat, dog, and horse. And you can order them through our office!

For your cats, SP offers feline cardiac support, enteric (digestive) support, liver support, immune system support, kidney support, and whole body support.

For your dogs, they offer adrenal, cardiac, dermal (skin), enteric, flex (joints), liver, immune system, musculoskeletal, kidney, thyroid, and whole body support.And for the horses, they offer GI tract support, immune support, metabolic support, mobility support, performance support for inflammatory responses, muscle soreness, and oxidative stress.

All of these supplements are completely natural and are made in accordance with the needs of the specific animal, i.e., cats are carnivores, dogs are omnivores, and horses have very complicated systems. All of these are specifically addressed in Standard Process’s whole food products.

So, if you want your pets as healthy and comfortable as you, give them the gift of the benefits of Standard Process whole food supplementation. We can order these supplements for you and they are very reasonably priced.


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