“Stop the Presses”–a friend of mine found on the internet a “brand new magic secret” claiming to dramatically improve his health. He asked my opinion. So after listening to a very well detailed presentation of this ‘holy grail’ of health, it has been ‘DISCOVERED” that there is a NEW Omega out there–not the Omega3, not the Omega6, not even the Omega9 but (ready here it comes!!) OMEGA 7!!! Oh boy–“this is the one we really need”!!! Now wait a minute–let’s think this through. Our well intentioned and educated science community names these things with numbers (and i know they can count) so i guess there probably are Omega1’s, 2’s,4’s, 5’s, 8’s, and maybe even a 10,11,12, etc….and as we all should know these “miracle discoveries” are not coming out of thin air but have been in our Food all the time- we just didn’t know- “the what”, “the where”, “the how” and “the why’s” !!! So, many of us in the CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) community continue to stress good lifestyle and if supplementation is needed use only “whole food supplements” rather than “isolates” (beneficial nutrients-chemicals in our food taken out of context and concentrated to very high doses). For example, rich sources of Omega7 are found in Macadamia and Hazel nuts and sea buck thorn berries and in lesser concentrations other animal, marine and vegetable oils. So eat and enjoy with common sense!!!!


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